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If you could change anything, what would it be?
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"Each of us walks the path defined by our decisions."

~Captain William Price, 2693~

Explore the vast Universe at your own pace. Discover new civilizations and solve the mysteries of long forgotten places. Forge alliances and wage battles for the precious resources found amongst the stars.
Capture enemy ships, if you can. Use them to grow your fleet and become the dominant force in the galaxy.
Hone your skills in ground combat and diplomacy to evolve into the perfect version of yourself.
Helping your friends and annihilating your enemies will spread your reputation.
Choose your path and write history as you see fit.

"The Chosen" will be an open-world online RPG the likes of which have never been seen.

It is important to state and for you all to know that The Chosen will NOT be a point and click game. Although it will most likely be classified as MMORPG, the game will feature first and third person FPS style gameplay with some strategy elements.

Key Features (for a more detailed list: List Of Features):

  • Player-Driven Economy - Players will be able to buy sell and trade any piece of equipment from ships to personal armor and weapons. The market prices for NPC owned items will be automatically adjusted to reflect the current supply and demand.
  • Persistent Universe - Your actions will affect the entire universe of the game, and mistakes can not be taken back.
  • Expect The Unexpected - Missions can "fall into your lap" at any moment. It will be your choice what to do when that happens.
  • Voice Chat With NPCs - This feature will allow you to interact with many NPCs by talking to them.
  • Endless Lore - The Universe will be full of stories and mysteries to uncover. It will be your decision whether or not to seek them out.
  • Gameplay - The gameplay will feature both space and ground missions and exploration.
  • Advanced Combat - Players will be able to implement advanced combat tactics, like boarding parties for example. Send your friends to the enemy ship and take it over, or destroy it from the inside.
  • Evolve - Complete goals and missions to evolve and become something, more...
  • Build your ship - Players will have to gather resources in various ways (mining, stealing, missions), and perform the research needed to build their ships.
  • Custom ship interiors - Players will have the chance to modify the layout of their ships when in dry-dock.

You can find additional information on the game here: http://www.the-chosen-game.com/

Download the demo: Demo Link

If at any point during the gameplay you find any bugs, you can submit a report here: Bug Report

An updated version WILL be uploaded 3-6 hours, depending on the time the report was sent.